co-Founder Sensei Brian Power

Brian Power


Sensei Brian Power is a 3rd degree (Sandan) black belt registered with the International Traditional Karate Federation. He received his Shodan (1st degree) ranking from Nishiyama Sensei. He received his Nidan (2nd degree) ranking in 2006 from Smaby Sensei. He received his Sandan (3rd degree) ranking in 2016 from Shimoji Sensei.

Brian is an athlete and a strong competitor of Regional and National levels of competition. Born and raised in the Province of Newfoundland, Canada. Brian has held the title of Provincial Kumite and Kata Champion, Canadian National Team Kumite Silver medalist 2002.

In the US, he is 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2006, 2005, and 2003 USA National Team Kumite Gold medalist; 2015, 2014, 2011 USA National Individual Kumite Gold medalist; 2013, 2010 USA National Individual Kumite Bronze medalist; 2013, 2011 USA National Team Kata Gold medalist; 2011 USA National Enbu Gold medalist. In 2010 he was an international finalist in individual and team kumite. He is currently the international Bronze medalist in Individual Kumite.

In Canada, he is 2013, 2012 Gold medalist in Kumite, 2013 Silver medalist in Kata, 2013 Bronze medalist in Fukugo, 2012 Gold medalist in Fukugo and 2012 Bronze medalist in Kogo.

"As an instructor I get great satisfaction in seeing new students come in to class and watching their progress. Starting from someone who is a little shy and intimidated, maybe a little out of shape, and watching this person’s attitude improve, their self-confidence increase and their physical fitness dynamically improving. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile."