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The Missouri Karate Association (MKA) is a family-oriented dojo (school) that provides quality instruction in a safe yet challenging environment. Our goal is to offer an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere.

Confidence Concentration Accomplishment Self-defense Self-esteem Character Fitness

Karate is one of the best all around training for a child’s physical and mental growth. Child development experts now recognize the correlation between movement and cognitive learning — especially movement that emphasizes balance and coordination like karate.

Leaders  Building strong confident leaders
Family  Fun for the whole family
Health  Commitment for your mind and body

Instructors ("sensei")

Core instructors ( Instructor Showcase ) are many time US and Canadian National Tournament Gold medalists.
Internationally, they are current Bronze medalists from the 2014 World Championships held in Geneva, Switzerland.


I believe instilling karate in a person’s life builds confidence, relieves stress and is a great source of exercise and fun.

Our goal is to keep a positive and relaxed atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

Barry Power, Chief Instructor
 Missouri Karate Association




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Chesterfield Dojo

1709 Clarkson Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017

Classes held Monday through Thursday starting at 530 pm and ending at 8 pm.

Tuesday and Thursday Class Schedule
530 pm to 615 pm Beginners Class
615 pm to 705 pm Juniors Class
705 pm to 8 pm Adult Class and Advanced Belt
Monday and Wednesday Class Schedule
530 pm to 615 pm Family Class (parents and children)
615 pm to 705 pm Juniors Class
Saturday Class Schedule
1030 am to 12 noon Advanced (purple belt and above)
Sunday (talk to an instructor)
2 pm to 5 pm Private lessons

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Chesterfield dojo


Sean Huchzermeier: mka@mokarate.com